Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh, Poop.

The day has arrived. Lily Ruth has contracted her first virus - Hand, Foot and Mouth. As first viruses go, it really could be a lot worse. She feels vaguely crummy, is covered in a rash that doesn't bother her, and has a low-grade fever. An itchy rash and awful mouth sores are possible before this is over, but she may make it through with no other symptoms.

For now, we're holed up at home sleeping in,

nursing a lot, and sucking on ice cubes in the mesh feeder. Ice water in the sippy cup has also been in high demand. When Daddy gets home, we'll procure frozen yogurt and more fresh tangerine & orange juice to freeze into cubes.

Poor Baby Girl.

In happier news, Lily has been practicing free standing!

She's also obsessed with bubbles. So much so that she actually said 'ba-boo' at LEAST 6 times at the pediatrician's office. I dove into the diaper bag for my phone, and fumbled with the camcorder setting like I had flippers instead of thumbs. By the time I figured it out, she was done talking about bubbles, and had moved on to waving and making 'giggle stick' noises. I'll be ready next time...


  1. bless her heart. that hand foot and mouth is just plain kids have had it countless times.

  2. Poor's so hard for you (and you!) when they are sick. This too shall pass...

  3. I meant "for her (and you!)