Saturday, February 26, 2011

Negatory, Good Buddy.

My delightful daughter has become the Maven of NO. It was bound to happen sometime. I had just hoped that it would happen closer to her second birthday... *le sigh*

Every query is met with either a 'NO!' or one of the two words that she has come up with that allow her to reply in the negative, yet are ambiguous enough to possibly mean yes - 'naaaahhhhh-es' and 'yeaaaaaa-oh'. She draws them both out in an exaggerated manner. I have no idea where she comes by this flair for the dramatic ;-) Obviously, both are combinations of yes and no. I just want to know when she got smart enough to figure out how to do stuff like that!!!

Here are two of the only times she is able to refrain from saying no. Example 1) Asleep:

or 2) Hitting things:

After a week of frustration, I finally figured out that I cannot ask her yes or no questions right now and I have to just tell her what we are doing instead of giving her choices. This has been rough since I have been working so hard to give her options whenever possible in order to giver her some power over her day (yada, yada, yada...).

Oh well. Every phase is a new opportunity to learn more about her, me and this crazy world we share... and this too shall pass - sometime within the next 20 years or so... *passes out from exhaustion*

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