Sunday, February 27, 2011

Round and Round

The Duchess of No (or Princess Tinklebottom as she is also known) went to a birthday party today.

We have a strange, old, fairly dilapidated children's amusement park here in town. It was old and crumbly even when I was a kid. I vividly remember ruining my favorite t-shirt there during one of my younger brothers' birthday parties due to poorly maintained 'rides'. It's still around and still running. Someone new has purchased it in the past year or so. Some things have a new coat of paint. Some of the truly dangerous rides have been dismantled. Mostly it's the same. Which is why I have a hard time understanding why people that I know continue to have parties there. Today's party was the second event that we've attended there in the past 4 months. We go because we love our friends, but I am afraid to let my baby on most of the rides.

Last time, she stuck to the merry-go-round. It was immediately her favorite thing, yet she was terrified. Here she is white-knuckling it back in November:

She looks miserable, but she refused to get off until the party was over, and we were asked to leave...

Today, she spotted the carousel as we entered, and babbled about it until we made our way over to it. We begged her to ride a horse, but she adamantly refused. It was cozy, carved booth or nothing for her today. We rode for AGES. Mama rode with Lily. Daddy rode with Lily. We all rode the dang merry go round together. Over and over and over. She squealed with delight every time. She protested mightily each time we insisted on a break. Not to say that she didn't enjoy other aspects of the party. She adored the food. She inhaled the beverages. She went ga-ga over the cake. But her heart belongs to the carousel.

Here she is staring longingly at it during another party activity:

She gets the single-minded determination from both of us. It is not surprising, but it is in turns hilarious and exasperating. Today it was funny, and sweet. She just wants what she wants. She makes no apologies for that :-P

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