Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Friend

We made a new friend today. His name is 'Keh-Kho'...

Obviously, he's 'aweshum', and a gecko. He alternately postured like he's doing there on my hand and threw himself around like a WWE wrestler attempting to get away from us. Lily Ruth allowed him on her hand for approximately 1.75 seconds before freaking out and flinging him off. Then she chased him around excitedly shrieking 'Keh-Kho, Keh-Kho, Keh-Kho!'

We played with Keh-Kho for about 5 minutes, then I announced that it was time to take him outside. This was even more fun than having him inside! We let him go in the herb planter. He promptly wiggled into the aloe vera:

We watched delightedly as he explored the herb selection and found a warm place to hang out. He stayed with us until we got the big pitcher and watered the (practically dead from thirst) herbs. Then he floated to the edge on a dead leaf and climbed out. With one last backward disgusted glance at us, he ambled off into the great wild.

Adios, Keh-Kho. We hardly knew ye...

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