Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day? (edited)

It is bitterly cold here today. I say this in all seriousness knowing full well that in other parts of the country, these temperatures might be considered balmy for winter. I care not for those places. Right now I care only about my own comfort / discomfort, and believe you me, I am cold. I am cold because it's 25 but it feels like it's 13. This does not happen often here. What happens even less often is the 60% chance for snow this afternoon. I am not amused. Lily Ruth and I have built a fire (even though it's only 11 a.m.), and I already started dinner in the crockpot.

It's a day for hunkering down and staying close to home. Lucky for us, we're footloose and fancy free today. No real plans, no obligations and I've already laid in provisions. We have books galore. I'm fairly certain that we have enough art and/or craft supplies to keep us distracted. I'm also allowing continuous Elmo, Signing Time and Yo Gabba Gabba viewing.

Also, I may soon win a Mother of the Year Award for my maverick (that's right, I'm taking 'maverick' back) parenting style. In a fit of (in my humble opinion) genius, I filled Lily Ruth's mesh feeder with whipped cream from a can...

In my defense, it's that all natural stuff from Cabot Farms. In praise of Lily Ruth, she took about 3 licks then gave it back to me. I am now convinced that she is not my birth child because I will eat whipped cream (natural or full of chemicals - doesn't matter to me) until I am sick... which is why I almost never have it in the house... stupid winter nesting impulse buy...

Today might be pretty perfect if only Daddy wasn't all the way across the country instead of here with us :-(
I also wish that I could convince Lily Ruth to put on some socks :-/ I'll just have to settle for sitting on her tiny toes each time she alights for more than 10 seconds :-)

*** Edit: The fire went out :-( I would rebuild it, but Bing came over and PEED on the box of firewood!!!!! That jerk. He usually goes outside to potty, but His Highness decided that it was too cold. I guess he also decided that he's too good for the cat box. Jerk.

I convinced Lily Ruth to take a warm bath AND put on clothes - including socks! She's tired today. I'm guessing that waking up multiple times in the night to whine for Mama to come and get her is starting to wear her out...

Oh, and there is no snow... yet... but it is still in the forecast.

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