Monday, February 28, 2011

Perfect Ten

I. Love. Lily Ruth's. Feet.

I have been obsessed with them since way before the first time I saw them. Back when I could feel them curl their tiny toes up under my lowest rib. Back when she would tuck her right foot under her left knee then kick her left heel down the right side of my uterus over and over and over.

My obsession only grew once I got my first glimpse of those tootsies

I have tickled, kissed, 'chewed on' and adored those toes. Not to mention the pictures...

Oh MY! And that's just a very few of the toes pictures that we have accumulated!

Through the first 18 months of her life or so, I refused to put her in hard (rigid) soled shoes. I wanted her to learn to walk by feeling the earth under her feet. I wanted her gait to be rooted in the world. I wanted her to continue to use her feet to do things. You know - like a monkey ;-)

When I finally caved and bought her a pair of 'big girl shoes', I was afraid that she was going to change somehow. That she would be different without her connection to the ground. It was a needless worry. My little doll still spends most of her time shoeless. She also still works those tiny toes into every situation.

When we read a book, they creep onto the page. When we nurse, they inch up to my chest and my face. When I'm on the computer... well, you can see for yourself:

Oh, my Angel Girl. I adore you. Do I tell you that enough?

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