Monday, February 21, 2011

She's Done it AGAIN!

Lily Ruth grew. Again. Without permission. I spend one lousy weekend out of town, and she takes that time to change, grow and develop. Stinker.

I would swear that she is completely different than when I left her sleeping on Saturday morning. Then she was just my baby girl. Now she is a little person. One who has announced that her name is 'Uth'  (It will tickle my grandmother - Ruth - immensely that she has chosen to call herself Ruth rather than Lily or even Lily Ruth).

She gets her own drinks at Starbucks...

She has her own routine for our 'coffee, juice' outings that involves beverages, snacks and 'STICKERS!'

Such a big girl!


Today when I announced that her lunch was ready, she pulled her highchair into position, and put her cup on the tray. I came into the room to get her ready, and she had already done everything except climb in! Now she's gorging herself on deli-cut chicken, cheese and blueberries. Life is good for 'Uth', her cat 'Bingy' and her dog 'KEEE!'.

Stay tuned - I'm pretty sure that she's going to apply for college sometime this week.

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