Monday, February 28, 2011

Zoo Day!

We have a pretty good zoo here. When it was built, it was the height of zoo awesomeness. Over time, that was discovered to be closer to a combination of visual awesomeness and animal cruelty. That was remedied. Now it's a combination of cool retro-look exhibit pens and new or updated interactive/larger exhibits. It even has a neat kid area with a learning center.

Lily Ruth is starting to get into the zoo. We went last month, and she started to really notice all of the animals:

- that's her taking in the flamingos while finishing off my coffee :-/

We went again today and she was even more excited about 'onkeys', 'eh-fants' and (of course) 'ISH!!!' She would have happily spent her whole day in Africa Live watching the 'ish' do their thing:

We're having a pretty good time. We seem to have passed through that awful phase where we spent all of our time getting on each other's nerves. We've even spent the last several days making each other laugh really hard.

These are the times that make you feel like you might actually be able to do this parenting 'thing'. These are the times that cause you to let your guard down and say things like 'we should just have another one'. That's when the whole thing will go kablooey. Don't get cocky.

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