Sunday, May 29, 2011

Existential Lily Ruth

Lily Ruth has a new obsession. Aside from her fascination with 'Mama Mia', her daddy's eyes, and the fact that her new play shoes have velcro:

She has fixated on the word 'soul'. Granted, she's singing Mama Mia when she does so (... there's a fire within my soul... Mama Mia - here I go again), but she gets stuck there. 'My SOOOOUL'. She draws it out and savors it.

My mama recently said to me that she wants to buy a book or two for Lily Ruth about God. She wants Lily to have a frame of reference for talking about God before she forgets all of the things that she was born knowing. My mom says stuff like this. The instant that she says it, I usually realize that she has just verbalized something that I believe. She has done a lot more studying about faith and God than I have. In the past few years it has been something that really calls to her. The path that she has chosen to accomplish this has been a beautiful one. Instead of a 'traditional' religious path that calls for rote memorization and blind faith, she has found a community of curious, interpretive minds who basically insist (in a very loving way) that you understand what you are following.

I love that she wants this for Lily Ruth as well. I love the idea of Lily always relishing the word soul. Of it always being something that she draws out and savors.

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