Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's Catch Up

I feel like I've been doing a lot of complaining lately. If you haven't heard it, then count yourself lucky. I've just been tired and dragged out and Lily Ruth and I but heads so often, that my brain is drained of fun and light by day's end. I think that I have done a fairly good idea of keeping a stable demeanor in my dealings with my daughter... even though I lose my cool occasionally... I mean, I'm human... right?...

*sigh* I guess that I'm still adjusting to being a mother and a stay-at-home person (does one ever really settle in? If so, when?) and... I think that I have a small case of the Funk. Not a large case. Nothing I can't get through. Just a little Funky...

Anywho! In other news!

We accidentally arrived at the museum too early the other day. It was two hours before the doors would be unlocked. Lily Ruth was beside herself. She actually hung on the brass door handles crying 'OPEN!!'. I explained that the doors were locked until time for them to open. She turned to me and demanded that I produce the keys. She remained unconvinced that I didn't have the key to that door. She was highly disappointed. She had dressed up especially for our visit!

An on-line friend pointed out that she looked like a tiny teenager. I can hardly wait to see what she chooses to wear when she really is a teenager - I will happily continue to whip up layered chiffon skirts as long as she wants to wear them!


My daughter tells funny jokes. Yesterday, she was acting very silly as I put her in her carseat. She leaned forward when I set her in, and bit my t-shirt. Then she looked at me with her Little Imp smile, and said 'Pee-U, Mommy! 'Uth change Mama diaper!' I just looked at her. She sat back, chuckled deep in her belly and repeated 'Pee-U-ee, Mommy!' I burst out laughing as she kicked her heels delightedly. I love her sense of humor!


Painting has become even more popular in our house. Last week, we tried white on dark paper. We also abandoned the brush for fingers:

Yay! Yesterday, we set aside the construction paper, and got out the roll of freezer paper. We left the brushes in the box. It was time to get in TOUCH with paint:

By the last picture, she was 'washing' her hands together over and over then rubbing them over her legs or the paper. Just after I put the camera down, she gave herself a few war-paint streaks down her cheeks and declared herself 'done'.


Our visits to the museum have settled into a routine. Lily Ruth happily crows 'DINOSAUR BONES' as she sweeps through the entry (we have finally progressed past the need to stand in front of the 'tee-tops' for ages). She runs through the taxidermy collection of native Texas species calling out names as she passes - 'BIRD!', 'fox', 'PIIIGS!' - until we reach the aquifer theatre. Then she runs in and plunks herself onto the floor to watch the rest of the 'MUH-VIE!'. Bonus excitement points if there is a school group in there already. My baby wants so much to be big. She looooongs to be a part of a school field trip. Last week, she saw a school bus unloading it's precious cargo, and she announced 'Uth turn bus, Mama. Uth turn.'

After the hall of death (I loathe taxidermy), we tromp outside to the courtyard to watch birds and check on the fish in the pond. From there, we circle around to the children's portion of the property. Each of the three floors must be fully examined before we make our way to the rooftop for a bit of scenic viewing and a spot of light drumming:

Once our musical interlude is concluded, we sweep down through the tree house pausing only for a small snack or to briefly contemplate local wildlife... or run tiny fingers through cool, clear water... Then it's off to brave the ancient, steep original-to-the-structure stairs (both up and down) for no reason other than 'Because They Are There'. All that remains after that is a small skirmish over weather or not it's time to leave (in case you were wondering, it IS.). WHEW! Since this is our almost daily routine, it might explain some of our exhaustion - I mean, aren't you tired just reading about all of this? :-P

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