Friday, May 27, 2011


My daughter cracks me up. She always has, but her sense of humor is growing just as fast as her vocabulary and her hair.


She is obsessed with 'talking on the phone'. She will pick up any object and begin a one-sided conversation into it - breakfast bars, pieces of string - anything really. Here she is multitasking with her phone and her beverage:

She followed that up this morning with a 'conversation' with Miss Kerri. I told her that we were going to the zoo with her friend Henry and his mama (Kerri). She announced that she needed to call Miss Kerri. It went a bit like this:

Sorry that it's sideways - I have no idea how to rotate a video... but that's how she talks on the phone. I love the 'OOOOoohhhhhhh'. She does it every time! It would have been a longer video, but Miss Kerri called for real just then, so my phone cut the video off in order to accept the call. Stupid technology :-P


Yesterday, we were leaving the grocery store, and I asked Lily Ruth where the car was. In fact, I teasingly accused her of having lost the car. She started calling out 'DADDY! Daddy find a car, Daddy!!! HEEEEEEEELP!' Then we both cracked up. Once I secured the groceries and began to click her into her carseat, she gave me her silliest grin and yelled 'Daddy HEEELLLLP! Help Mama drive a car, Daddy!!!' This one, oh my GOODNESS! Her comic timing is really coming along...


Ya'll, my baby girl is obsessed with the movie 'Mama Mia'. This means that she's also obsessed with ABBA. She has enjoyed the movie for quite some time, and last year when we took a few car trips, the only things that would soothe her were ABBA or Elton John (the early stuff only - no Nikita or Lion King for her!). Her recent obsession is fueled by the fact that the movie was on t.v. last weekend, and her daddy taped it for her. She has watched sections of it several times each and every day since then. I woke up humming 'Take a Chance On Me' today.

Her constant demands for Mama Mia or Dancing Queen have started to wear on me... but I always cave in because it is IMPOSSIBLE to resist her once she starts singing in her adorable monotone. All of the songs come out sounding exactly the same. It's even cuter than her phone skills.


Lily Ruth, I love you so. I'd love you even if you weren't funny... but when the going gets tough, it sure does help to be able to laugh so hard with you!

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