Sunday, May 15, 2011

Update - Our Little Patch

First, I need to tell you that it RAINED here! We haven't had rain in waaaaaaaay too long. The showers were a true blessing.

Lily Ruth and I spent some time walking barefoot up and down our block so that we could feel the rain on our faces and the puddles under our toes. Just after we wandered back inside, the sky turned black and the temperature dropped. The rain started really coming down. Lily Ruth decided that she was scared, so we talked about how rain isn't scary, it's wonderful. It feeds our earth and makes our plants and trees and grass grow green and strong. She decided that rain was o.k., but she would prefer it if there was no thunder.

I don't know how much rain we got, but the pool was an inch or two higher!


Now for the garden update!

So, when the radishes needed thinning, I was in the middle of an exhaustion crisis. I never made it over to get the job done, and they got too big to eat as sprouts. In fact, they got too big to thin and they were too crowded to produce radishes. My mama ended up harvesting all of the greens, and using them in a wonderful rustic Italian soup.

This week, it was do or die time for the rest of the plants. I could either get my buns in gear and thin them, or they would be too crowded to produce the goods. It was so hard to do! I absolutely hated cutting off those beautiful, healthy plants! Especially since almost all of them already had blossoms, buds or tendrils :-( Mama and I had to be strong and practical. We're growing these plants in order to harvest food, not so we can stare at pretty green plants... but they are pretty!

The far right row is cucumbers & patty pan squash. The middle and left rows are zucchini (with a bean bush at the bottom) -
before thinning - gorgeous... and out of control!
after thinning (I cut out half / two-thirds of the plants):

The whole bed - 
before thinning:
 after thinning (the blank spot is where the radishes lived):

I'm getting so excited! Ya'll, we're going to be eating food from our little patch of green very, very soon! Wanna come over?

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