Saturday, May 21, 2011


O.k., so last weekend, we didn't work on the garden because we were out of town, so it's been too long since I checked in on 'our' (that's in quotes because my Mama does the lion's share of the work) progress.

Last night, we tromped out there to gaze adoringly at our plants and plot out what needed to be done over the weekend... and found something WONDERFUL! A zucchini and a patty pan squash that were ready to harvest!!!

(Gin and Tonic provided for size perspective) There are lots of peppers and eggplants that are almost ready, and even more zucchini and squash that will be ready in just a few more days. The beans are growing like CRAZY, but haven't started producing yet. The cucumbers are absolutely lush, and have a bazillion blossoms. The watermelon vines are really just getting started. I'm not sure if they just take longer to get going, or if they have a problem. They definitely have bugs :-( I have to take a leaf over to the nursery today to identify them and purchase an organic repellant.

Ya'll I am so excited! We're having dinner with friends tomorrow, and I am going to take vegetables from my very own family garden!!!! I'm a dork. A happy, veggie loving, dirt-under-my-nails dork :-)

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