Monday, May 30, 2011

MORE Change, Really?

This weekend, Lily Ruth's daddy had to work. Actually, he will have to work every. single. day. for the next several weeks preparing for then going to trial. As a young attorney, your first trial is a pretty big deal. As a daddy, it stinks. He's super busy and super focused. He's spending every spare minute with us, but that hasn't been quite enough for Miss Lily.

She and I had a pretty great morning yesterday. We had 'coffeejuice' at Starbucks. Then we took breakfast tacos out to daddy's office and ate with him. Then we came home and played with play dough for a while. Then we ate lunch and watched (what else) 'Mama Mia'. After all of that, it was obviously nap time, but our leading lady had been requesting daddy for quite some time, and was not at all placated by my insistence that he would be home 'soon'. She wanted him to rock her, and she didn't wish to even discuss other options with me. We wrestled in the rocking chair for a while before she decided that she just wanted to be put in her bed. That was a ruse. When placed into her crib, she began an unholy ruckus. I told her that I loved her, and walked out of the room. As I left, she popped up and threw herself against the crib rails screaming at the top of her lungs that she wanted daddy.

A few moments later, I heard a thud. In my heart, I knew that it was the sound of her giant noggin hitting the floor. My head told me that she had thrown her water cup to make her point. When the screaming changed in tone and intensity, I knew that my heart was right.

I rushed back into her room, and scooped her up. I started making soothing noises and looking for visible injuries. I didn't find any. She was frantic, but managed to tell me that she had (indeed) hit her head. We rocked and she cried for a good long time. We talked about how scary it was, and how her head hurt. She wanted daddy. Now. Daddy was on his way home, and she soon got her wish.

We talked about it, and she still really needed a nap, so the mattress came out of the crib and went onto the floor of the nursery. Daddy rocked her and placed her on her bed. She yelled her protest, but actually napped in her bed! I know this because I peered under her door whist lying on the floor...

Bed time was the same. She cried, and ended up wandering her room for a few minutes, but fell asleep fairly quickly on her bed. I, on the other hand was awake late thinking about her poor head. I finally fell asleep around midnight... and Lily Ruth woke up soon after. I was in a stage of sleep that prompted an inappropriately dramatic response to her cries - I jumped out of bed and went in to sleep on the floor next to her :-/ By 5 am, my back was almost completely locked up. I managed to shift to my side and shift her off my arm around 6. I stumbled to my own bed and into the waiting hug of my sweet, warm husband.

I wish that we had a video monitor. Then I could glance in on her without leaping from my bed and flinging open her door. Maybe I should invest in a spy cam that I could slip under her door... I think I'd get more use out of that in the long run ;-)

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