Thursday, May 5, 2011

Have One!

Lily Ruth has two favorite games. Both require my supervision (heaven forfend I should attempt to read a book or surf the interwebs while she's in performance mode), but I am not allowed to participate except when commanded to do so. Her all-time favorite remains 'Mimis'. She rounds up all of her dolls and stuffed toys, puts them face down, covers them all up with blankets, and pats them (quite briskly) while muttering 'shh, shh, shh. Cose eyes. Go seep. Mimis'. Daddy and Mama are often dragged into this game as both sleepers and patters.

Her new game is much funnier. She has become fixated on the cat. Just like any other cat, he spends most of his time ignoring the baby girl. She finds this fascinating since in her experience, no one is immune to her charms. He has even taken to strolling into whatever room she is currently occupying, making eye contact with her, then flopping down for a nap. She goes into hyper-drive. She starts gathering up her stacking cups and her plastic bead necklaces. She fills each cup to the brim with necklaces, and offers them individually to Bing. He ignores her. She reverently places each cup as close to him as physically possible (while cheerfully chirping 'here you go', 'thank you' or 'you're welcome') before retrieving the next one.

Sometimes, she feels like beads just aren't going to cut it. Then she breaks out the big guns - shoes and infant toys.

He ignores it all with the practiced demeanor of a benevolent dictator. When he's done acting patient and and adored, he walks away without a backward glance, leaving Lily Ruth in a tizzy of supplication. After he's gone, she tentatively pushes an offering or two toward the dog... who usually grunts in annoyance and lumbers off to see if the cat is on the trail of a snack.


  1. What is that wrapped around hints body in the second picture? Are they plastic Easter eggs? I am wetting myself right now because I can just picture the scene! Perhaps you can use bing as a table centrepiece - think of the holiday decorations that lily Ruth could adorn him with.... Love it!!

  2. Btw - my capcha phrase was bragrid - as in the bra you are wearing is so tight that it leaves grid marks in your back fat - I'm using that one tomorrow!

  3. Plastic Easter eggs are usually involved as well, but that is a wooden fish toy by Melissa & Doug.

    Bragrid rocks. I think that's happening to me right now...