Friday, January 28, 2011

Are You Making Fun of Me?

I'll tell ya, folks - there is nothing like having a tiny mimic with a brain like a sponge in your house to point out some of your more glaringly obvious conversational flaws.

My darling dear has gone from using 'yeah' (apparently my go-to word) to very deliberately saying 'yesh'. She has also abandoned the baby-ish 'CeeCee' and has started referring to her baby doll by her given name which is 'Lucy'. Oh, and she has started calling me 'Mahm' instead of Mama or Mommy, and I would swear that she has also been calling me Rachel behind my back.

Now that she's experimenting with words that make her sound like a big girl instead of a baby, I sound very silly talking to her. She even told me 'No Baby' the other day meaning that she's not a baby anymore.

She's too much. Honestly.

Oh, I know that I've mentioned that Lily Ruth uses some signs, but I'm not sure if I've ever told you about how she has acquired most of them. I took ASL (American Sign Language) in college, but I feel like I've forgotten more than I ever learned. To make up the difference, we've been watching the Signing Time video series. It is wonderful. Lily Ruth has shifted her allegiance from 'Elmo Dinosaur' to 'Time' and even brings me the dvd cover demanding loudly to watch the videos and signing 'time'. Here she is watching the opening theme song. First, she says 'laughing', then she signs 'Alex' and 'Leah'. It's possibly the cutest thing you'll see all day...

Just when I thought she couldn't possibly be any more awesome in one day, she wandered into the kitchen while I was making her lunch for Parent's Day Out and swiped my dishtowel. She then ran into the living room, declared 'FLY' and started doing laps with the dishtowel held like a cape. How did she learn that? Her brain is a miracle and a mystery. Check her out...

Too funny.

Happy Friday, everybody!

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