Friday, January 7, 2011


Today was Miss Lily Ruth's 18 month well baby visit. She is growing well, hitting all the pertinent marks, and speaking very very well :-)

In addition, the pediatrician couldn't hear her heart murmur any more (which bodes well for her cardiologist  appointment next week!), but she COULD hear quite a rattle in her lungs. Coupled with the congestion in her nose and the cough that Lily Ruth only exhibited while in the doctor's presence, and she has been deemed 'viral'. She supposedly has some sort of Bronchialitis (NOT Bronchitis) which is fairly harmless, but could be contagious, so no Parent's Day Out tomorrow (booooooooooooooooooo, hiss). There is also a chance that her breathing will become labored in the next few days and she will have to have a breathing treatment. Oi. She hasn't even acted slightly sick! No fever. Eating fine. Sleeping the same. Whatever.

This was also the visit for Lily Ruth's first anemia check. This simple blood test should have been a non-event. It is a finger prick blood draw into a small collection straw. Not anywhere nearly as bad as the PKU screening that they do on newborns or the bazillion vials that they draw from mamas during pregnancy. We wandered over to the lab portion of the pediatrician's office, and waited our turn. The tech completed the test then put a dot bandage over the site, and told us to make sure that she kept it in place until the bleeding stopped. I nodded, stood up with my crying baby, and made my way toward the exit. Just as we got to the desk, Lily Ruth (still crying) handed me something. It was her bandage. This would have been fine if that damn finger hadn't been bleeding like a geyser. Both of her hands, her shirt and my sweater were covered in blood. It took us FOREVER to staunch the flow and get a regular sized bandage over her finger. We left looking like victims of a horrific incident... which we were...

We made it home without further incident. Lily Ruth handed me her bandage about 15 minutes later. I thanked her and went about the business of making our lunch. When I turned to hand her a toddler sized bowl of pasta, both of her hands were covered in blood AGAIN. Ugh. We washed up, applied another bandage, and tried to forget our morning.

Lily Ruth did a good job of moving on. She ate, drank, pushed CeeCee down the street in her doll stroller and found an 'AWESHUM ock!' (awesome rock) which she brought home and added to her toy stash. Then she bottomed out and took a 3 hour nap.

I - on the other hand - could not relax. I dragged out the felt and made THIS instead:

It was a big hit...

of course, it cannot replace CeeCee, but we had multiple rounds of 'dinosaur, RAWR' which is big fun.

I'm sure that I will have recovered by tomorrow... at which time I will be able to share the recipe for the delightful chicken soup that I made for dinner tonight ;-)

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