Monday, January 10, 2011

Go Hug Your Mom

Seriously. Right now. Even if your hug can only be held in your heart or over the phone or through e-mail. Go hug your mom.

My own mom is fine (she says), but for a while today she thought she might have had a (small ?!) heart attack. She called me all calm-like to let me know that she was recuperating at the Heart Hospital and would soon know for sure if said incident had been a real heart attack or not. I stayed all calm-like and asked her what had happened, etc. In the middle of telling me, she had to go talk to doctors. As soon as she hung up, I couldn't breathe. I managed to dial my husband's cell phone number - because it's always good to make phone calls when you are gasping for air and crying hysterically - and in the manner of all good heros, he announced that he was dropping everything to come home so I could go be with my mama. My dad called before I could calm down and told me that Mama had NOT had a heart attack, but is severely potassium depleted. This can mimic heart attack symptoms since potassium is required for each and every heart beat. She is being gently urged to swallow huge horse pills of potassium, and should be home tonight.

Ya'll, I am in a panic. I want to go over there right now and crawl into that stupid hospital bed and hug my mama, but she'll be out of there before I could get across town. I also want to crawl into Lily Ruth's crib and kiss her until she swats at me, but she's been fighting a virus and seriously NEEDS this nap... and the dumb crib would probably collapse if I hauled my butt over the rail... I also want to start cooking and not stop until there is enough food ready for several families. I think I'm going to have to settle for cooking.

Mama, I love you. I'm sorry that I'm telling your business on my blog. I'll be over later with more food than will fit into your refrigerator.

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  1. Breathe, girl. Breathe...Hope your mom gets to feeling better SOON!