Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dorky Teenager In My Body

I got Lily Ruth into bed for the second (final?) time tonight. I threw the Netflix disc into the Wii and perused my choices. I just wanted something to watch while I was unwinding with the one (that's right... just one) drink that I am allowing myself tonight (I'm cutting waaaaay back :-P). I spied some of my husband's recent additions to our instantly viewable queue. He's adorable by the way. There is a hilarious mix of kid stuff, British comedy, Black Hawk Down - a real mish-mash. Then (GASP), I saw that he had added U2's The Joshua Tree for me *SQUEEEEEEE* I was overjoyed, and grabbed the laptop to see what else I could get... and... you guys... I got RIO by Duran Duran.

That's right. I'm on the couch in my pajamas with a Scotch and soda watching Duran Duran talk about how the band formed and then how the album came about. Every time that they play even a snipet of music, I get shivers. You heard me. Early eighties pop-synth-rock sends me over the edge. The opening of 'Planet Earth' makes me want to squeal like a pre-teen and jump up and down.

I watched the rocumentary 'Arena' so many times that we probably paid it's full price in rental fees several times over. I can still quote from it - and they're showing bits of it. I'm gonna watch it over and over and over and over. This is my idea of heaven.

As is this:

That's right - I'm CRAZY diverse :-P

After I awaken from my Duran induced stupor, I'll tell you about buying Lily Ruth her first pair of hard-soled shoes :-)

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