Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Lily Ruth had an appointment with her pediatric cardiologist this morning. As it turns out, it will be her last visit with the cardiologist. That's right - her last.

Lily Ruth had a Ventricular Septal Defect. Her particular VSD was very low on the septum - considered 'muscular', and very very small. Only a few drops of blood crossed through the septum during each heart beat, and those drops did not interfere with the function of her valves (a big worry with septal defects as blood crosses through small defects with quite of a bit of velocity). Furthermore, it was located in an area that is more like mesh while the heart develops, so it was not unusual for there to be an opening there. When he looked at it when she was two weeks old, her cardiologist told us that we should not worry about it. He considered it 'more of an oddity than a defect'. During her last appointment, he said that a muscle bundle was already beginning to grow across the opening, so he was hopeful that it would be closed by her 18-month visit AND IT IS! He said that she has a normal, healthy heart and she doesn't need any kind of special consideration AT ALL.


What with our recent decision to simultaneously stop co-sleeping and night wean, and my darling daughter's recent kamikaze approach to life (yesterday, she whacked the bridge of her nose on the coffee table - nice bruise, Grace), it is a true blessing to have one less thing to worry about. Now I can focus on important things like what color my toenails should be, how much coffee one 37-year-old (reasonably) healthy female can ingest in a 4 hour period and writing down vital house rules such as 'All string cheese must be eaten in reasonably sized bites, not stuffed into cheeks like hamsters or squirrels' so that everyone knows what is expected of them :-P

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