Sunday, January 2, 2011

Insomnia or Intelligence

When Lily Ruth was still very small and was already exhibiting an inability (refusal?) to sleep, my good friend Suzan sent this to me:

This is from the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented. The politely phrased "won't *@#$* sleep" thing is about half way down.

•Walks and talks at an early age
•Has a large and advanced vocabulary
•Learns rapidly and easily
•Reads at an early age
•Demonstrates a great appetite for books and reading
•Entertains self for large blocks of time
•Has a long attention span
•Readily retains a large amount of information
•Consistently organizes, sorts, classifies and groups things, and names them
•Has a heightened curiosity (asks ‘why’ often)
•Fantasizes often
•Is self-motivated, self-sufficient, and independent
•Shows sensitivity to other people’s feelings and empathy in response to their troubles
•Demonstrates leadership abilities
•Exhibits perfectionism
•Likes to discuss abstract concepts (such as love, justice, etc.)
•Has a high energy, needing less sleep than age-mates
•Learns new material rapidly
•Loves puzzles, mazes, building blocks, and toys that challenge
•Has an advanced sense of humor
•Prefers the company of older children or adults
•Is highly creative, imaginative
•Is a keen observer
•Expresses unusual sensitivity to what they see, hear, touch, smell or feel
•Is widely informed, especially in areas of personal interest
•Expresses concern for the world’s problems

Obviously, Lily Ruth is too young to be classified as gifted or not, but it sure is fun to take some of her more 'difficult' traits and twist them into signs if 'giftedness' instead if signs of 'brattiness' :-P I've done it off and on since I received this list. I'm doing it again today... because my beautiful, amazing daughter is feeling a bit spirited this morning...

adorable, yet NOISY! Welcome to my world ;-)

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  1. OMG - I was actually looking halfway down the list for 'won't effing sleep'. Had to scan it 3 times before I realized that you had re-worded. I think you should re-word the whole list - yours sounds much funnier!