Friday, March 12, 2010

dear So & So... take 4

Dear So and So...

Dear Frank,

Thank you for not dying at the vet - that's one of Mommy's biggest fears. We'll deal with the steroid-induced weight gain together. Now, get back out into the backyard and start evicting those Creepy Ginger Cats.

Yours in Puffiness,


Dear Lily Ruth,

Remember in one of my first 'Dear So & So' letters when I threatened to sell the doggie to the Gypsies for barking so much? Well, if you don't stop yelling for hours on end instead of sleeping, the same fate may befall you. Not really, but could you think about maybe sleeping? For me? Your crib is a nice place, and you have your own space heater. Let's make that happen.

I adore you,
Your Bleary-Eyed Mama


Dear Mesh Baby Feeder,

Gross. Just gross. If you really wanted to be part of this family, you would be much easier to clean.

The Dish Washer


Dear Sunshine,

Nice to see that you're back on the job! Your weak Winter cousin was no replacement for your warming rays and bright beams. Let's see how much time we can spend together this year.

Missed you,
Lady on the Verge of S.A.D.


Dear Swimming Pool,

I know that you want more of my attention, but this algae outbreak is not the way to go about it. Can we discuss our options?

You know that I love you,


... Thank you as always to Kat over at Three Bedroom Bungalow for 'Dear So & So' Day! Got any letters of your own? Then get 'em out there & link up!


  1. I think the only option to algae outbreak is to shock the pool, or something. Call the pool man, he'll have it sorted before swimming season!