Monday, March 22, 2010

A Weekend of Firsts

This past weekend was pretty low key, but that didn't keep it from being pretty great :-)

Saturday night, Mama was making dinner, so Daddy and Lily Ruth were playing on the floor. Daddy starts yelling 'get in here - you're missing it! You're missing it!', so I book it into the play area in time to see Lily Ruth STANDING WITH NO SUPPORT!!! Shortly thereafter (3 seconds or so), she freaks out, sits down and cries. She had been standing at her play table pushing buttons and 'dancing'. Then she turned to grab hold of Daddy. Then she let go of Daddy and just STOOD there staring at him! Sooooo awesome!

I didn't even realize she had done it again when I took this picture today. It wasn't until I was reviewing the shots that I noticed she wasn't holding on to anything.

Sunday afternoon, we piled onto the big bed to watch a movie and hopefully nap. Daddy throws in '2012' (so relaxing, no?), and we get to a scene where John Cusack and his on-screen daughter are singing along with the radio 'May the circle be unbroken by and by Lord, by and by' and when they get to 'by and by', Lily Ruth turns to the t.v., waves and says 'Bah... bah' :-O !!! They sing another chorus, and she does it again! Now ya'll, she's been stringing sounds together for months now, but aside for the 'apple' incident, we haven't counted any of it as talking because she wasn't directing any of it toward the person or item that the 'word' would have been referring (da-da, baab, ma-ahm), she was just making (really great) noises. This, people, was real talking. For real. Seriously.

We decided to play it cool today, and didn't hit any milestones. We did, however, take a walk to the grocery store - a terrible idea in retrospect. I had on the wrong shoes, Keely pulled on her leash the whole way, there were random loose dogs everywhere, it was 5:00 so the traffic was brisk... you get the picture. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it was a bit rough - unless you were Lily Ruth :-)

At least dinner was good - pork chops, CM organic shells and cheese, steamed asparagus - yum. Lily Ruth is in love with all of those foods. Add in the large amount of pinto beans she ingested at Taco Haven for lunch, and the way she slurped down (among other things) spinach, rice, chicken and avocado the past two nights, and I think that my tiny baby is well on her way to being a full time eater!


  1. Yay for milestones! It's so great you are chronicling them on the blog. B/c the baby eats the brain. I can't remember anything that happened yesterday let alone the day my kids stood on their own. And "bah bah" totally counts as words. Your dinner sounds yumm-o...can I come over tomorrow?

  2. I love standing babies - Yay LR for going for it! I can't wait to see her again - it seems like so long ago already!

  3. How did I miss that you had a blog??? This is wonderful. I am going to add you to my blog roll. I wish I had done this year's ago. Your daughter will be so blessed to be able to go back and really see herself through your eyes when she is older. You are a wonderful mom!