Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snapshots of Our Day

Here's a few shots that really encapsulate how our days play out...

most days, Lily naps while attempting to choke Mama:

occasionally, Lily Ruth traverses the hall with Mama's new shoes while alternately making clicking noises, yelling 'BWAWB' and chewing on the buckle:

we stop to check out (and shred) nature on our walks:

our shoelace interest has grown into an obsession:

we get seriously silly on our walks - especially if it's windy:

sippy cups are now old hat, and mastery of said cup has been achieved:

and sometimes, we're pantsless, yet need to check out the action in the backyard:

So, that's pretty much what goes on around here these days. What are YOU up to?

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