Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today's Random Tidbits

- Yesterday, we walked to the grocery store again. It went better than last week until... Keely slipped out of her harness for the first time in her life and WALKED INTO THE GROCERY STORE!!! A nice lady grabbed her, walked her out, and held on to her until Lily Ruth & I emerged from the checkout. She was so sweet, and not the least bit irritated. I ♥ her. I guess that's the end of Keely walking to the store :-(

- Last weekend marked my first 'Please don't blog about this' request... so I won't...

- The Highland Games were fun, but would have been improved with the consumption of some Guinness and maybe a 'Shepherd Taco' (? we didn't ask, but assumptions were made about contents and shell...). The hagis was successfully avoided, and the sheep dog trials were amusing. Oh, apparently the style of yelling that I thought came from a place of pure rage within me is EXACTLY how you talk to a sheep dog? Hmmm. Next year, we will be prepared.

Snapped these at the games...

Apparently, it's important to schedule your invasions in advance. Attendance is better.

why? never? I'm so confused...

- Lily Ruth started clapping on Sunday! Well, really, she smacks her left palm with her right palm without making a noise, but it's still hilarious :-) also, there was this bit...

That's how we roll. Not really. We don't usually have babies on the table, nor do we ever allow them to drink alcohol, but it DOES make a great picture :-)

- I got avocado on the census. What will they make of that? Will it put us in a new category?

- I have a horrible muscle cramp just above my left eyebrow. It's been there for days, and it's so bad that it feels like I hit my forehead really hard, yet I have not... on the plus side, I look permanently sarcastic with my partly raised brow... on the minus side, it seems to be giving me a wrinkle :-/

That's all I have time for right now - Lily Ruth has requested a trip to the playground!

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  1. What a cute pic of Lily Ruth. We have a pick of Owen about the same age (and def teething) w/ the bottom of a cold beer bottle in his mouth :)