Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grooming, Grass, Eating and Screaming

So, have you seen Being Erica? Well, it's big fun. Fluff, a small message, intriguing concept. I'm enjoying it.

My point? Oh, it's just that the actress that plays Erica has THE BEST eyebrows ever. Seriously.

Um, that's all. I'm just obsessed with her eyebrows.

Also, I took Lily Ruth & Keely back to the diocese. It was cold when we left the house, but by the time we went to Starbucks then parked and got all settled, it was HOT. So I stripped the baby out of her baby k-tan, bear suit and socks then let her play on the grass. Then I realized that it was her first time to play on grass! So I took a picture...

... I spent the rest of our time there finger-sweeping grass, twigs and oak leaves out of her mouth. She HATED that part. I explained that if she would stop putting those things IN her mouth, I would stop taking them OUT of her mouth. It made no difference.

In Baby Feeding News, Lily Ruth continues to be a champ. Here's a recent example of how her dinner looks - keep in mind, that's a tiny dish...

She ate almost all of that! It's not always that tidy. Night before last, we had Taco Garage takeout, so she enjoyed some of the pork out of my Tacos Al Pastor and pinto beans from my borracho beans. She managed to cover herself and her highchair with food to the point that her Daddy put the (empty) highchair in the shower to clean it. To be fair, he is (self-admittedly) lazy, so maybe it wasn't all that bad...

Oh, and we started sleep training again. Last night, Lily Ruth cried from 10:30 pm to 1:50 am. Then she woke up and screamed every 30 to 45 minutes until 6:30 - when I caved and brought her into our bed. After that, she slept until 9 am... and she napped for 3 hours in the afternoon... then she fell asleep while I was making dinner for our guests (a big shout out to Kerri for holding her while I finished the risotto)... and then her Daddy got her to sleep in her crib ALONE at 9:30!!!!!

(baby styling by Robyn & Matt Davies)

I try not to be a a girl who counts her chickens before they hatch, but it's now 10:55, and she (like her Daddy) is sawing logs like a pro in her OWN BED! She hasn't slept in her crib since early January. My night belongs to ME again, and I am blissful! Wait, that was an unhatched chickens moment. What I meant to say is that I am quietly confident that this will go well... If it does, I might even finish my sushi bracelet sometime this year... I might even find a use for the rest of the polymer clay after that's done!

Talk about cart before the horse - I should just shut this down and get some sleep since everybody else is already there. I wish you could see my bed. Two cats, a snoring husband, and me with a glass of wine. Heaven.

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  1. I love Being Erica! I also have seen all of Season Two now because since it finished in Canada I searched all around for a website that had it all. I don't remember what it was though. I look forward to a third season if they do it!