Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Lady, A Baby, A Frank and Some Rosemary

Yesterday, I found myself in a position that (let's not kid ourselves) I often encounter... I had forgotten something at the store that was fairly integral to my dinner plan. Now, since that item was just Rosemary for the steak marinade, I probably could have modified my 'plan' and gone without it. Well my friends, that's not how I played it. It was a lovely afternoon, and I know for a fact that a house just a little more than a block away has a HUGE Rosemary bed. I decided that Lily Ruth and I could go herb-begging.

I scooped up the baby girl, and started down the block. I was sincerely hopeful that there would be Rosemary available in a yard closer than that, but I was prepared to go all the way if needed. Now, as I mentioned, it was a lovely day, so the Boy Cats were already outside. Bing was keeping the pool area Ginger Cat-Free, and Frank was watching doves and mocking birds from the front yard (also known as 'Home of the Dandelions - Sorry They Are Spreading To Your Yard'). Now, one of my favorite things about Frank is how he earned the nickname Crazy Frank. Quite simply, he runs around like his butt is on fire in order to garner attention. It's especially hilarious when he does this outside, because he can run even farther even faster and can climb random trees for emphasis. When I noticed that he was out front when we started out, I was secretly wishing that he would break into his Crazy Frank routine, but I also thought it would be fun if he wanted to come with us.

Since he had been dozing while watching birds, Frank was not in a Crazy Frank mode, but he was interested in coming with us, so off we went. I was talking to Frank and Lily Ruth about where we were headed and why. Both seemed supremely uninterested, yet I pressed onward, carefully scrutinizing each yard for Rosemary. Frank reached the edge of his comfort zone after three houses, and decided to wait for us in that driveway. Lily Ruth and I trudged on. A few houses from the corner, I spied some! There were no cars in the driveway or on the street in front of the house, so I was tempted to grab and run, but then I got paranoid. What if a neighbor saw me. Lily and I walk the neighborhood all of the time. We were bound to be fairly recognizable, and nobody wants to earn the moniker 'The Stealer', so we went to the door to ask nicely.

It was immediately apparent that someone was home from the thumping noises coming from inside. I knock, and the door is opened by a woman of around my own age. She was slightly surprised by my presence, and a bit frazzled-looking, but quick to politely respond 'please, help yourself' to my request for Rosemary. She seemed to be in a hurry to end our encounter. I was disappointed, because I had decided instantly upon seeing her that I would introduce myself and attempt to make a new friend (I've been doing this a LOT lately... stay at home motherhood can be a bit isolating...). Before she could close the door, the reason for her haste reviled itself as a nude toddler slid into view a la Risky Business - followed quickly by an equally nude younger child. I was stunned into amused silence. Seeming to mistake my mirth for silent judgement, the lady of the house firmly closed the door - leaving my as yet unspoken hope for friendship on the outside.

Lily Ruth and I pinched a few stalks of Rosemary and made our way home - picking up Frank as we passed. He was more interested in moseying than hurrying, and chose to roll on cement, poke into crevices and slink along the curb. Lily was enthralled. She seemed to have already forgotten that he had accompanied us on the first part of our journey, and watching him in a setting outside of our home was the coolest thing that had happened to her all day. Taking a cue from Frank, we ambled slowly home, enjoying our way. He returned the favor of our company by throwing a Crazy Frank fit that covered 3 yards, two trees and a fence - it was awe inspiring, and well worth the wait.

Well, we didn't make a new friend, but we DID get the herb we needed, a small amount of exercise, a good amount of fresh air, a visual comedy memory to cherish (it's not every day that naked kids come sliding unexpectedly into view), and a truly note-worthy Crazy Frank fit from a cat who almost died earlier this month. Not bad for a quiet Friday afternoon.


  1. I am always forgetting just one thing at the grocery! I am also completely jealous of your beautiful day and herb growing neighbors. It is still icy tundra here. It is sorta sucky that you didn't make a friend...but as a mom of two small kids I can tell you there are some days you don't want to invite company in for fear they will judge. Next time you might catch her on a good day and you can make friends. Hope dinner turned out wonderful!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, it froze up here for the weekend :-/ we managed to stay warm, but only by becoming practically inactive. Dinner rocked!