Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear So & So... take 7

Dear So and So...

Ta-DA! Friday! Dear So & So Day! Got some letters of your own? Type 'em out & link up with Kat over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow.

Dear Fledgeling Lawn,

Hang in there. The first couple of days are the hardest. You'll be rooted soon. In the mean time, don't worry, the neighbors who slow down aren't laughing, they're just surprised to see that we're actually putting effort into you. Until now, the yard looked like the house was vacant - they're just surprised to see your little plugged self.

Lookin' Good!
Mr & Mrs Dirty Knees/Blistered Hands


Dear Baby Daughter,

Tomorrow's Easter Egg Hunt is just for fun. There is no pressure for you to actually seek and/or find any eggs on your own. Your whole job is to wear the dress that your Daddy bought for you, and to have a good time. Grandpa may take some pictures, but that is all.

Please don't eat too many leaves or sticks,


Dear Creepy Ginger Cats,

Are you serious? Every morning at 6? Right outside my bedroom window? Also, what's with the new guys? Is all of this their fault? You guys are VERY lucky that the little old lady who claims to hate you still feeds you. She may be loopy, but she seems to have a soft spot for your creepy asses.

Knock it off.
Sleepy in San Antone


Dear Kittyn,

I miss you. PLEASE use all of your money to come and visit me. What's a little financial ruin between friends? I would use all of mine, but you're much more successful than me, and all of my money would only get me to maybe Dallas.

I adore you,

** my favorite parts of that picture are as follows - 1) my cast-off shoes in the upper corner 2) my face pressed really deeply into the pillow 3) my bag from Massage School sitting right next to us stuffed with extra sheets 4) the fact that Matt was the only one awake to take this even though it was 12:05 on January 1st (2006)**


Happy Friday!


  1. Dear Puppy - I will do my best to take that deal and ruin myself financially! I love this picture because unbeknownst to me - I am pregnant with Maddie. That year started a long tradition of falling asleep before midnight - that is just how we roll around here!

  2. Ha! I just planted grass seed a month ago,and it's actually coming up! You know, mostly, patchily...but thus far, it's alive! So good...