Saturday, April 3, 2010

wait... WHAT!?

I was flipping channels, and I saw THESE:

which are actually pretty cool. There are people that I know who could really benefit from these little darlings. They turn your can into a flip-top bottle. Nifty, no? According to the commercial, flat sodas are a MAJOR concern, so even if you don't drink stuff out of cans, maybe you should get some in case of a carbonation emergency.

That wasn't the problem. The problem was the commercial that followed it - for THESE:

ARE YOU KIDDING? Panties with butt boosting inserts sewn onto the back?! Some of the 'models' in the commercial looked like they had FOUR BUTTOCKS because they had average bottoms (unlike those pictured here), so the inserts sat oddly on their natural buns. What's that you say? Can't get any worse? Oh, it just might... wait for it........ they are called Booty Pop. SOOOOOO wrong. On so many levels.

Oh well. At least I laughed so hard that I worked off a few calories and tightened my abs. Happy Saturday!

1 comment:

  1. when I was in LA, I see a bunch of mannequins - fully dressed - with huge butts...then I saw a mannequin that was all nude except for the Booty Pop. Yeah, having a baby does the trick for me, no need to buy an extra product.