Thursday, April 29, 2010

Professional Me

I filled out a form for my Massage School today. It's a professional interview questionnaire that they are asking graduates to complete for their Massage Blog. I enjoyed completing it, and decided to share parts of it here. The questions I'm leaving off were boring :-P

Why were you interested in Massage Therapy?

I had been searching for my professional 'path' for what felt like FOREVER. I had gone to college, changed majors 4 times, dropped out to 'figure out what I wanted' and had never made the time to go back. I was good at my job, but hated it... then my body began to hurt. Doctor after doctor (all out of my own pocket) were unable to diagnose my pain. On the advice of a family friend, I finally saw a massage therapist. He helped to alleviate my pain almost immediately, and saw a structural imbalance that was easily turned around. That got me thinking...

What was the impact of Massage School on your life?

Massage school gave me a skill set that I will carry for the rest of my life regardless of how long I earn my living as a massage therapist. Becoming a therapist has given me a different way to approach my world. I feel that I am more thoughtful and more patient, and I would like to think that I am more connected to who I really am and what I have to offer.

What was your favorite Massage School class?

I really loved massage school in general. That being said, I loved anatomy. I am a serious science dork at heart. Having the knowledge of 'what goes where' in my head really guides my hands. I tend to close my eyes and really visualize my intent as I work. I also truly love Shiatsu. Not only do I dearly love to puuuull on limbs, learning but Shiatsu really solidified then enhanced what I knew about the body. It also took away the fear I had about making true, solid contact with a client's body.

Tell us about your fondest memory.

Blindfold Massage Day. I had sprained my thumb, and was unable to participate, so I was a 'draping monitor'. There were moments of true massage beauty interspersed with moments of absolute hilarity - yet I was unable to make a sound. It was the first time I was able to watch my classmates truly surrender themselves in a session. Amazing.

- so there you have it in a nutshell - Rachel's Journey From Desk Jockey to Bodyworker. Maybe Massage School is in YOUR future...

... that's an actual image from one of our classes. Granted, we were goofing around, but it still happened in massage school!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Yay, how exciting for you! Nothing quite like leaving being a desk jockey behind...I hope. I shall know in about 30 hours :-D