Thursday, April 1, 2010

No New Tale to Tell

I haven't been in a storytelling mood lately (hence the fluffy picture posts), and that makes me sad. I feel like my days are pretty monotonous right now. While that's a good thing in some ways (no major tragedies = a good thing), it's off-putting to feel like you're losing your voice due to disuse.

Then I look at Lily Ruth and see the stories forming behind her eyes for every new experience that she has. They just haven't felt like my stories to tell lately. I almost feel as though her stories are locked behind her beautiful pink lips and tiny white teeth. They're just waiting for the day that she masters the spoken word to come spilling out in laughing waves. She's going to have a LOT to say.

Tonight, she babbled new joyful sounds to her Daddy while they played before bed. I laughed then held my breath waiting to see if any of them would be 'real words'. She just giggled, threw herself backward and uttered her favorite go-to sound - 'bwawb'.

Maybe a new day will unlock a new story for me to tell. Maybe tomorrow I won't care even if it doesn't. Maybe I should go to sleep so that I can find out.

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  1. I know she has stories building... and fair warning, age three is the age kids become smarter than their parents.