Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today is a strange day. Lily Ruth is just feeling a little bit tender-hearted today. We've all had days like this, haven't we? Every single action on the part of someone else feels like a direct attack on you. Tears abound. Wailing is the go-to mode of communication.

We woke up on time, nursed and discussed our options. Keely allowed as how she would REALLY like to take a walk. Lily & I talked it over, and she agreed to give it a try. Then things went downhill.

Lily Ruth's litany went a bit like this: I really didn't want a diaper change. Please don't put pants on me. I don't feel like nursing anymore, but when you try to end the session, I will bite you then cry when you yelp. I don't want any more fruit, but I do want to cry and throw it on the floor. I need a nap, but will instead throw myself around your bed whining, sucking my thumb and hitting at you when you try to cuddle me.

I finally gave up on the nap after an hour. We got up and started getting ready for a walk - again.

Almost immediately, Lily Ruth wanted to do some standing and/or walking instead. I stood her up and let go. She stood steadily for a few seconds, grinned, squatted down, overbalanced her giant baby head, and whacked her mouth on the hardwood floor.

I scooped her up and held her while she raged against the cruel, cruel world. I rocked her tiny, sweaty body as big fat tears poured from her red eyes. I offered her nursing as a balm for her hurt feelings.

We're back in bed.

The light is really pretty today. It's overcast and cool. Not a bad day to have the house wide open... or to be stuck under the most amazing baby ever...

Count your blessings, Ya'll. Count yourself lucky while you're at it. I am.

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