Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dress Recycle

While I've been very good about giving away Lily Ruth's outgrown clothes, I kept a few things. Namely, the first purchases that I made for her once I knew she was a girl. Until then, I had purchased maybe 3 things (all gender neutral), but I had managed to put off any major baby spending, and was very proud of myself. Then I went to Target. Darn you, Target. I bought her 3 jersey cotton sun dresses with matching bloomers in the 0-3 month size. I couldn't stop staring at them. So small. So soft. So girlie. I would look at my belly and wonder if she would ever be big enough to fit into them.

Once she arrived, I couldn't wait to put them on her. It was tough waiting until her umbilical stub fell off, but I did. Then I bypassed all of her other clothes, and put her in those dresses pretty much any time we left the house. Here we are at 7 weeks old in my favorite one:

We were at a Magic Time Machine reunion party. How many restaurant jobs have you had that hold reunions? Can you tell how exhausted and freaked out I was? If not, offer up thanks to TRUE mineral makeup. If yes, well... I WAS exhausted and freaked out - motherhood is hard... not like regular life isn't hard...

As I mentioned, I just couldn't part with them. Today, I'm glad that I didn't. She's officially big enough to wear those dresses as tops! I am so pleased. Here we are at Lee's el Taco Garage having lunch today:

I SOOOO wish that I had more Mama clothes that would hold up to a recycle. Also, I wish that I wasn't so close to having a double chin that when I tilt my head slightly downward, I then have a visible double chin. Oh well. I also wish I had a pool boy and a million dollars. Of course, if I had a million dollars, I would have a fancy self-cleaning pool, and I wouldn't need a pool boy, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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  1. I'd take the pool boy even if I did have a self cleaning pool! I too have the double chin so can only be photographed from above and not below/same level. Wow, I sound like a diva. Maybe I'm ready for that pool boy... and yay for recycling! And cute tar-jay baby clothes!