Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mama Moments

Mama Moment #1: The scene - Mama/Baby bath time.
The dilemma - You've already stripped down when you realize that you forgot a bunch of stuff. You must run all over the house hurriedly looking for towels, baby bath toys, etc. that you didn't corral ahead of time. Little one has been left standing outside the tub contemplating the incoming water and her growing toy options.
The Outcome - Things are going nudely along - everything sought has been found - and you are on your way back into the bathroom when your darling daughter crawls around the corner with a giant self-satisfied grin on her face, and your underwear in her hand. Makes you feel like Mother of the Year.

Mama Moment #2: The scene - Getting ready to leave the house.
The conundrum - Babies must be occupied at all times.
The dilemma - Up until now, Lily Ruth has been more than content to sit in the sink and play with anything she can reach. Her preference has been for my Bed Head styling stick and her container of teensy-weensy hair clips. Recently, she figured out how to turn on the taps. Now, it's a constant power struggle to keep the 'hot' tap turned off or at least down. I also have to wait to clothe her until I'm done because she ends up soaked. Also, she is no longer happy with sitting. She MUST stand. Here's the visual:

The Outcome - ??? Obviously, this can't go on for much longer. What am I going to do? I guess I could just stop applying deodorant and moisturizer, fixing my hair, brushing my teeth or faffing about with makeup. That would solve it. Maybe if I buy her her own makeup, she'll sit still and apply it... to the sink, the mirror, the taps, her body...


  1. Love it! I remember those days - unfortunately I think I had to start getting ready before the girls got up in the morning or else wait until they napped in the afternoon. Sigh. Now I nap in the afternoon. : )

  2. It is always a battle to get pretty in the am w/ a small child underfoot. But they can be pretty adorable.

    BTW, I totally gave you an award, um, not physically, but blog-gerly speaking.

  3. Emily - I only get to nap on Mother's Day Out days - speaking of, I had best get to napping before my opportunity slips away!!!

    Erin - why can I not have a physical award? :-P