Saturday, March 26, 2011

Creative Outburst

Least you think that I've become stuck in a 'doctors suck, my body is freaking out, HELP my baby is growing up too fast' rut, I have some photographic evidence to the contrary!

I made (even more) pillow cases for Lily Ruth's bed:

I started sewing fun things over the (numerous) holes in my t-shirts (why must EVERY shirt have multiple holes?):

AND, I decoupage-d a piece of wood to cover a gaping, soul-sucking hole in my living room... Oh, fine. It never actually sucked a soul. It just ruined every photograph taken anywhere near it for 3 solid years :-P

Since our massive furniture reassignment last weekend, the back room has been in limbo and the light in there is a bit lacking. When I get it figured out, I'll take a better picture...

So there you have it. My latest burst of creative energy. Not terribly exciting projects, but definitely satisfying, and in some cases necessary (or loooong overdue!).

p.s. I passed my 200th blog post last week... thanks for all the reading!

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