Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's Get Wet

We tried watercolors yesterday!!!

Now, to be honest, I'm the one who put most of the color on the paper. Since this was our first try, I cheap-ed out and bought a kid watercolor set instead of shelling out for adult paints. The pigments were very hard to get out of the wells. We had better luck using our fingers (and it was more fun).

Once the paper was completely wet, I put up the paints and left the brushes and water on the table for Lily Ruth. Being a toddler, she was just as happy with water as paint :-P

Overall, it was a great first effort. We'll definitely do it again. I do plan to purchase a set of liquid watercolors sometime in the near future. I think that she'll have more fun if she can access the colors more easily.

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