Wednesday, March 16, 2011

See Ya!

I have a short story for you, but first, there's this:

We ran into my friend Sarah at the park yesterday. She is an amazing photographer. She can even make a moody baby look radiant!


O.k., so today I was having coffee with a friend. As we walked to our cars, I said 'Tell Mama's friend bye-bye' and 'Say bye-bye to Miss Diane'. Both suggestions were met with a glare of disdain. It was a look that clearly said 'I'm not your performing monkey, Mother'.

Instead of immediately getting into our cars, we lingered and finished up our chat in a sort of 'oh, and another thing I forgot to tell you' manner. Lily Ruth finally tired of our foolishness and started saying 'Bye... bye friend... bye dy-knee... bye... bye friend...' whilst waving furiously and attempting to tug me toward the car (I was holding her, so that was futile :-P). Adorable, non?

So straightforward. So impatient. I have no idea where she gets it...


  1. That is an amazing picture! How do you capture so many wonderful images? I need a photography lesson when I come back in town. Just wait until they are older and start interjecting your stories, saying things like, "that's not how it happened" or "I didn't say that..."

  2. Ems, that was taken by a photographer friend :-) My pictures are nowhere near as awesome - especially since Lily Ruth refuses to look at me if I have the camera out :-P