Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sometimes It's Hard

... to be 20 months old. (A pictorial)

First, you have to drag your doll Lucy aaaaaallllllllll over the zoo to show her the important stuff - like 'ish':

Then (after a nice long nap), you have to wear Mama's bracelet and pick obsessively at your bandaged knee:

Then you have to wear Mama's bracelet around your ankle while continuing to pick obsessively at your bandage:

THEN you have to drag your new 'onkey' to your room and refuse to sit still so that Mama can take your picture:

In fact, the reason that you can't sit still for a picture is that you need to pretend to read a book whilst tooting softly and disavowing all knowledge of said toots:

Then you have to ignore Mama for giggling about your toots:


Then you have to watch Bob the Builder while 'onkey' gives you a hug (and you pinch his nose):

Seriously. It's a LOT of work. Ask any Lily Ruth you know. Wait, you can't - she's too busy...

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