Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wash Hands?

So, ya'll remember when I told you about Lily Ruth licking her fingers then running them through her hair? Well, that has not stopped. In fact, it has morphed over time from 1) licking the back of her hand then dragging the hand across her face to her hair into 2) licking her fingertips then twirling her hair to - wait for it - 3) spitting on her hands, declaring 'wash hands' as she rubs her hands together in a washing motion then running her spitty hands through her hair OR your hair.

Last night, she was sitting on the back of the couch cuddled up behind daddy. She was so happy and quiet that we had just left her alone while we cuddled and watched t.v. Finally, Daddy said 'is she running toys through my hair?' The answer was no - just her hands... she had aaaaalllll of his hair standing straight up, and she had the most peaceful, serene look on her face as she sucked her thumb and twirled his locks. Then she reached for me and declared 'Mama wash hands?!' Uuuummmm, no :-P

Today, she is fixated on 'wash hands'. We have explained over and over that spitting on your hands is NOT washing them. She remains convinced that she is right and we are crazy.

Here she is doing the only thing that has distracted her from 'wash hands' - sucking on my necklace:

Kids are so gross... and fun... and amazingly wonderful... at least, mine is...

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