Friday, March 25, 2011

Developmental Dervish

Yes, this is yet another post about how fast my incredible daughter is developing and how I can barely keep up :-P

She thinks about so much stuff! If I have something that she wants, she points at herself and says 'Uth. Uth have.' (or somethimes 'MINE!!!!') I tried deflecting that with 'Mama is using this. Mama needs it.' She gave that about 15 seconds worth of thought then pointed at herself again and very solemnly told me 'Uth. Uth needs it.'

I made her cry the other morning. She reached for something that she shouldn't have and instead of redirecting her, I snapped 'NO!' Her feelings were sooooo hurt. She cried and cried and cried. HUGE tears. She ignored my apology, and sulked for quite some time. She eventually settled down and focused her attention on Elmo. Elmo was sad - they were discussing it at length. She looked me dead in the eye, pointed at herself and said 'Uth. Uth saaaad.' Go ahead little one. Twist the knife.

She's getting better at singing and dancing. She's always enthusiastically participated in both, but now there's a chance that she'll get a few words in where they go in the rhythm or even step and wave her arms in time for a few beats. It's so ridicu-cute that I can hardly stand it.

There are all kinds of up sides to these developmental leaps. One is that she's eager to do things with... (and for :-P) me. Here she is applying lotion ('Ocean!') to my legs (in the form of a solid massage bar from LUSH). So helpful!

She also likes to use keys, 'cook'... and lick rocks ('OCK'!)... I'm more than o.k. with her continuing to act like the baby that she still is. Let's not wish that she'd grow up any faster. This is plenty fast enough.

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