Monday, March 28, 2011

The Grass is Currently Greener

We spent some money and some time working on our front yard last year. My adorable husband put a lot of effort into planting tiny grass plugs aaalllllllll over the yard. I put in quite a bit less energy into the process. I watched the baby instead. We tried bringing her pack-n-play outside with us, but that was NOT good enough for Lily Ruth. Too much watching, not enough doing :-P

We watered them every single time that we were allowed to (due to watering restrictions). They took root, but didn't really take off. It was just too dry and too hot. Also, this was a terrible project for instant gratification fiends like hubby and I. It takes more than a day or two (more like a year or two) for grass plugs to really establish a presence in a yard. We did the best that we could, then left the yard alone for the winter.

It's already time to start paying attention to the yard again. Daddy Don got himself in gear. He raked up the winter stuff so that it wouldn't be such an impermeable mat. Then he mowed. That made it evident how pathetic our lawn really looked. When all the winter stuff was still in place, it just looked vaguely dormant. Now it looked patchy and sad. Poor Don. After all that effort last year! He took it fairly well. Then he went out and bought a bunch of grass seed and even more soil. After applying both to the yard, we started watering.

We watered. And watched. And watered. And watched. And taught Lily Ruth to run through the sprinkler. And watched.

It's been two weeks. Check out what happened!

So tiny! So lush! It's very exciting, and very pretty. We go out and squat down to check on our baby grass several times a day. Lily Ruth likes to eat it. Who wouldn't?

Oh, and guess what?! What with all of the watering, the grass plugs are coming back to life as well! We'll be the pride of the block in no time... or not. Whatever. I just can't wait until the pool is back to swimmin' ready-ness!

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