Monday, March 28, 2011

I Just *May* Have a Green Thumb

Or I may not. Only time will tell. Actually, time has told that I have green thumb intentions, and no patience or follow through (surprise, surprise). Perhaps I can turn that around this year. I've done extensive work on both my patience and follow through since becoming a parent. Maybe that can carry over into gardening... we'll see...

In addition to my stellar work watering the baby grass, I've volunteered Lily Ruth and myself to work in the garden with Nanny. For someone with good intentions but no practical knowledge on the subject, I think that helping someone else is a great first step into gardening.

Yesterday, my Mama turned over the garden bed with a pick and pulled out any weeds. Then we spread potting soil, compost, peat moss and growin' green garden food. Then we planned out the placement in our garden. Mama has 3 kinds of bush beans, 2 kinds of peppers and chard. Lily Ruth and I have decided to add watermelons, radishes and cucumbers. We have to procure our seeds and seedlings today. Very exciting!

I want to make markers to show what's in each row. I have an idea of how I want to do it, but I'm not sharing until it's a reality. That way there can be pictures as well...

Next we have to decide if we're going to add an irrigation system or if we're going to trust ourselves to water the entire thing by hand.

Lily Ruth is going to have to learn not to strip Nanny's orange tree bare. It will be an uphill battle. She really loves those tiny, sour oranges:

Oh, and I have to tell you about my new favorite recipe. It was fed to my Mama recently by a vegetarian acquaintance. She immediately added it to her lunch time repertoire. She shared it with me last week, and I am in love. Welcome to the awesomeness of Mock Tuna Salad! Ignore the fact that it sounds weird. Just try it. You will be soooooo glad that you did!

Mock Tuna Salad

1 can cannelloni beans
mustard (your favorite kind)
pickle relish (dill or - lord forbid - sweet)
1 chopped hard boiled egg

Drain the beans, and roughly mash in a bowl - you don't want them to be smooth. Mix in mayo, mustard and relish to your preference. If you don't know how much you like, start small. You can always add more :-P Add the egg, and serve just like you would tuna salad - on bread or tortillas, with crackers or chips OR just eat it out of the bowl with a spoon... or your fingers (you know you want to).

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