Wednesday, March 9, 2011

*giggle, snort*

O.K., don't get mad... I painted Lily Ruth's toes today! :-O

I was painting my own toes, and she asked nicely to be included. Now, I am fully aware that Boris and Natasha is not an appropriate color for a baby. I will take it off soon... but it's cracking me up to look at her tiny feet and see such a grown up color!

See what I mean? Completely inappropriate, but hilarious. Fine I'll take it off... Party pooper.

*** Edit: Karma's a bitch. Less than 3 minutes after pressing 'publish post', the dog stepped on my foot and ruined the polish on 3 of my nails. She wasn't even sorry. That's what I get for using my daughter to amuse myself :-P

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